Walkable Coffee Maps -

Those clever guys at MIT have been busy making interactive maps of various cities that are visually stunning and still interesting......yes I said interesting maps OK.

The maps are part of a wider project called you are here that’s striving to collect data, stories, and experiences, and turn them into a meaningful and interactive “atlas of human experience.”

More about the project -


"Each of these maps will be an aggregation of thousands of microstories, tracing the narratives of our collective experience. We will make maps of the little things that make up life — from the trees we hug, to the places where we crashed our bikes, to the benches where we fell in love.

Over time, we will grow this to 100 different maps of 100 different cities, creating an atlas of human experience.

We hope that by showing these stories, we empower people to make their city — and therefore the world — a more beautiful place."


You can see more about it here > You Are Here
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