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The guys over ar the CoffeeNI blog recently sampled some of our single origin coffee, namely the don jimenez from the dominican Republic we roasted recently. They also mention the estate is listed in the incredible book by James Hoffman The World Atlas of Coffee. Go here to read their review, or back here to our coffee page to buy some of our single origin for yourself. Better yet why not do as Ally from CoffeeNI suggested and get yourself or your loved one a subscription and receive a fantastic, Belfast born and brewed coffee on a regular basis.

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Oh you have to Id look around re: price mine was ardsvtieed at 17.99 but there was shipping charge for NI and it ended up the same price as some of the sellers on amazon uk so ..but they all seem to come i around a322 ish .which is expensive for a few bits of plastic i guess .habut it really has impressed me


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