We had a great time at CATEX 2015


Well, it's over for another year, and we must say that we think it was possibly our best event ever at CATEX 2015.

We were introducing a new seasonal espresso blend, which went down a storm, and thanks to those that tried it and entered our competition to name the blend #WWYNI. Our baristas were also brewing up some of our single estate coffees over the three days, you can see Jonathan on V60 duty above. We met lots of impassioned and interesting people, none more so than our guests on the Wednesday, Falcon Speciailty, who hosted a cupping session for us. Also a very big thanks goes out to all the barsitas we met over the course of the competitions at the stage right beside ours, and congratulations to all the winners and competitors (it's the taking part that counts guys).

To anyone we met, and those that tried and loved our coffees we doff our collective caps, and say we will be back next time, see you then!

Bailies Coffee Team

We have lots more photos of the stand and our team, but here are a few teasers.
Jan, Jonathan and Russell trying to think of a name for our new espresso blend (probably)
Jan talks coffee blends with a visitor
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