NI Aeropress Championship 2015 - The Coffee

Bailies Coffee is delighted to be the official coffee sponsor for the inaugural NI Aeropress Championship taking place in Established on Thursday 19th March 2015 and we’ve chosen this very special coffee for the competition:

Colombia Tolima Gaitana

This is a washed speciality Arabica coffee from Gaitana cooperative in the Tolima region of Colombia. This coop is located around 1850 masl and cooperates with 50 small farmers in the neighbourhood. All coffee was hand-picked, pulped (also mostly by hand), dry fermented for 28 hours, washed and sun dried on patios protected by parabolic tents over 10 days. It consists mainly of Caturra varietal with a small percentage of Typica and Castillo, all growing on volcanic soils.  The cooperative itself if very quality focused and for the last few years have been producing very high scoring lots like this one. This is their freshest crop harvested in December ‘14/January ’15. Packed into grain-pro bags to protect freshness, it was then shipped in air-conditioned containers to minimise the shipping damage to the coffee.

This coffee is incredibly complex and every single brewing approach will highlight different aspects of its character. Competitors should be aware this is not a primarily aromatic coffee like you might be expecting; the flavours are subtle yet remarkably refined. But rather than steer competitors in a particular direction by providing cupping notes, we’re looking forward to seeing which notes and tones they choose to bring out most through their brewing skills.

We believe this is an exceptional coffee and hope everyone enjoys getting to know it during their practice for the competition.

Then all that’s left is to nail it three times in a row and one lucky coffee lover will be on their way to Seattle!


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