Coffee - My Secret Endurance Drink

When we heard from Irish Elite Triathlete, Charles Maltha that ‘Bailies coffee helps improve his performance’ we had to find out more. Beyond its widespread use as a stimulant, caffeine has various hidden athletic benefits - so much so that many of the world’s leading distance runners including Mo Farah are claiming they use coffee as a vital part of their pre-race preparations.

Chalres Maltha Triathelete

With Christmas and New Year’s a distant memory, it’s time to get focused and work towards this year’s race goals (Challenge Galway Full Ironman distance and the Middle Distance National Championships are high on the list)…so train harder, smarter and get lean for race day!

As an elite triathlete I get up early morning’s and train every day to get better, more efficient and ultimately faster…the role coffee plays cannot be underestimated. It wakes me up at 5:30 in the morning, ready and alert to face another training session. It helps me sustain my training efforts for longer. Most importantly, it forces my body to utilise fat sources for energy which is vital for endurance athletes. Coffee provides caffeine (something also found in many sports bars and gels) but doesn’t come with unnecessary carbohydrates (or calories), therefore I can push my body to its limits and carefully manage my calorie intake whilst also burning fat and in turn get lean. Achieving a low body fat percentage is challenging for me, I enjoy nice meals and have a sweet tooth so each morning I step on the scale…as what is measured get managed…it’s not always a pretty sight but with a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy I get motivated for the training ahead and tick another training session off the list…one step closer to that moment we look forward to… the start-line.

About Charles: I’m 30 years of age and an elite / category 1 triathlete, competing in various triathlon races since 2011. I won the National Middle Distance race in 2014, having won the Lost Sheep  with a margin of over 7 minutes. I won the race based on a solid swim and run but primarily won the race on the basis of a very strong bike time. I came 2nd in the National Olympic Distance championship in 2014, missing 1st place by 30 seconds overall. Currently the key focus is already on the Challenge Galway race (full Ironman distance) in June 2016. This will be the biggest race in Ireland and already has many people talking. The hilly course along the Wild Atlantic Way should suit my training regime where I live in West Cork.

Charles Maltha - Jan 2016

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