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SteamPunk Coffee Machines

For the steam punk enthusiast, and lets be honest who isn't? This new kickstarter project has to rank amongst the prettiest design for a coffee machine we've ever seen, based on models from the 1900s it fits squarely into the 'steampunk' time frame for looks and potentially for operation as well. Its no ordinary brew centre - Because the La Fenice is the first coffee machine to use electromagnetic induction to heat the water. That means that it doesn't need to maintain the water at brewing temperature, so it uses 80 per cent less energy than conventional coffee makers, according to its creators. They also claim that it's less vulnerable to limescale encrustation – though they're waiting on confirmation of...

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Music and Coffee, hand in beautiful hand

There seems to be a growing trend of artists out there willing and indeed aching for a signature coffee that perhaps says something more about them than music can convey. James Murphy isn't the only indie rock icon with a signature blend of coffee: Intelligentsia has collaborated with St. Vincent on her signature coffee. It's called "Bring Me Your Mugs" (after her St. Vincent track "Bring Me Your Loves"). It will soon be available via St. Vincent's website. Coffee news site Sprudge shared this statement from Annie Clark: I love coffee. I sometimes get excited at night thinking of the coffee I’ll get to drink in the morning. Coffee is reason to wake up.  There are other reasons, of course. But coffee is...

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Minimalist Cafe Branding

Creative agency Kokoro & Moi creates clean and elegant identity promoting Helsinki-based café chain Fazer.   The Fazer Café was first established in 1891, in Kluuvikatu, Helsinki, by Karl and Berta Fazer. An established brand, a new batch of Fazer Cafés were opened in the summer of 2013, and with more in the pipeline, Kokoro & Moi was recently commissioned to create a new identity identity reflecting the brand's tone-of-voice. The result was this minimal, elegant concept, which has been used across the whole brand, including wallpaper, napkins and take-away packaging design. The team comments on Behance: "The visual identity is built on the custom-made typefaces, Fazer Grotesk and Fazer Chisel, which have taken their forms from the classic Fazer...

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