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Stephen Houston IBrC Champ shares his journey to World Brewers Cup

Post celebrations from his win at this years IBrC, Stephen Houston shares his journey to the world stage and what it takes to raise the bar both mentally and physically! How have you prepared for WBrC? I had prepared quite a bit for the Irish Brewers Cup, starting from the previous year where I competed and came in around 17th place. I used this as my focus and spent the year working on my roasting ability as well brewing. Having done run-throughs, lots of brewing, preparing a presentation and then competing twice to win the IBrC. I was able to gain some really useful feedback from world class judges, this information was extremely helpful when it came to getting ready for...

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Stephen Houston shares what it takes to become the Irish Brewers Cup champion

Walking on air from his win at the Irish Brewers Cup last weekend Stephen Houston was more than happy to share what it takes to win, live the dream and prepare for the world stage.  The story behind the coffee The variety is not indigenous to Colombia and the seeds have made their way originally from Yemen. The coffee is characterised by its journey and its unique processing. Handpicked, fermented, then wrapped in cloths for 24 hours so the beans reach high temperatures, further speeding up fermentation enhancing the sweetness and exotic fruit flavours. It is then dried for 33 days alternating sun and shade. Mr Gutierrez has dubbed this as “the honey technique for Naturals”. The coffee (The main subject...

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