Bailies Reusable KeepCup + Free Roasters Choice Coffee

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Free Roasters Choice Coffee*

We've asked our Head Roaster to specially select a new coffee each week from our espresso blends to enjoy at home, work or before you take on the Christmas shopping! This is also the perfect gift option for the coffee lover, blends can be enjoyed both with or without milk. 

Premium coffees sourced from quality-focused farms and co-ops.

An elegantly designed, environmentally friendly reusable KeepCup



The first barista standard reusable coffee cup - KeepCup replaces disposable cups, fits under machine group heads and does not require heating prior to use.

Made from fully tempered soda-lime glass, the KeepCup Brew Cork Edition features a natural cork band. Made in Portugal using waste product from the wine cork manufacture, the band is beautiful to hold. 


  • BPA free; non-toxic; lid manufactured from polypropylene
  • Tough; Durable; fully-tempered soda-lime glass; recyclable
  • Splash proof, sealable lid and plug for sipper hole, meets occupational safety and health standards
  • Microwave safe, lightweight and hard-wearing materials
  • For best results hand wash only.


  • Capacity: 8oz / 12oz
  • Material: Tempered Soda lime glass & Natural cork band.
  • Colour: Dove Grey lid & White plug.

Due to the variation in the circumference of the blown glass, the lid is hand fitted to the glass and may not be compatible with other lids.