Bailies Reusable KeepCup

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An elegantly designed, environmentally friendly reusable KeepCup



The first barista standard reusable coffee cup - KeepCup replaces disposable cups, fits under machine group heads and does not require heating prior to use.

Made from fully tempered soda-lime glass, the KeepCup Brew Cork Edition features a natural cork band. Made in Portugal using waste product from the wine cork manufacture, the band is beautiful to hold. 


  • BPA free; non-toxic; lid manufactured from polypropylene
  • Tough; Durable; fully-tempered soda-lime glass; recyclable
  • Splash proof, sealable lid and plug for sipper hole, meets occupational safety and health standards
  • Microwave safe, lightweight and hard-wearing materials
  • For best results hand wash only.


  • Material: Tempered Soda lime glass & Natural cork band.
  • Colour: Dove Grey lid & White plug.

Due to the variation in the circumference of the blown glass, the lid is hand fitted to the glass and may not be compatible with other lids.