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The Clever Dripper® steeps your coffee to allow the flavours of the coffee to fully develop, whilst the filter gives it that wonderful clean taste you get from from a filter coffee. The result is a delicious tasting cup of coffee and because the Clever Dripper® is so easy to use, you'll get the same great results time after time. After all consistency is the key to good coffee!

When you've finished brewing your coffee the Clever Dripper® is really easy to clean, leaving you free to enjoy your well earned cup of coffee.

The Clever Coffee Dripper is an innovative coffee dripper that is made from Eastman Tritan BPA Free Plastic. This food-grade plastic is heat resistant, and is designed to offer a safe, easy to clean way of preparing food without having to worry about the taste of the plastic tainting it, or chemicals from the plastic potentially damaging your health.

This latest upgrade to the Clever Coffee Dripper features several new additions and improvements, including:

  • A more ergonomically designed handle for easier lifting and holding.
  • An improved lid design with a better handle and a more snug fit.
  • An improved base design which allows the valve and the base to be removed and cleaned.

The Clever Coffee Dripper allows coffee lovers to brew their favourite speciality drinks without having to worry about loose grounds or excess bitterness and acidity. The new shut-off valve system allows the grounds to settle naturally, instead of pushing them down to the bottom of the carafe.

Since the liquid quickly drips into the cup, you can enjoy the coffee while it is still piping hot. There’s no need to waste time pre-moistening the coffee or slowly pouring the grounds over it. The coffee will be kept in the dripper until the device is placed on top of a cup, at which point the valve will open to allow the drink to flow through.

Filter papers for the Clever Dripper are sold separately and can be found here

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