Costa Rica El Diamante // Bailies Select Microlot

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Unlike any coffee we've roasted.

We've been saving this one since our trip to Costa Rica earlier this year, we knew it was the right time of year for this premium microlot. The innovative Anaerobic fermentation by Carlos and his team at Café de Altura, it couldn't get any more festive with tasting notes of Cinnamon, Spiced Black Cherry & Brown Sugar

First roast on our new 5kg Probatone! With only 10 bags per roast we'd suggest you get on it whilst it lasts.

Anaerobic Fermentation / Bailies Select

An experimental lot produced by Carlos Fernández Morera of Café de Altura de San Ramón. Recognised for their approach and research into the field of anaerobic fermentation. Due to the nature of the method, it helps intensify the inherent flavours of the coffee whilst adding spiced notes.

Placing 4th in the 2017 Costa Rican Cup of Excellence and consistently placing top 10 year-on-year.

After our visit earlier this year, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get involved with the innovation.


The distinctive spiced flavour profile of this coffee is almost directly related to the anaerobic fermentation method. Anaerobic fermentation takes the coffee cherries directly after pulping and putting them into fermentation tanks in the absence of oxygen. The beans are then mixed with the mucilage (Coffee cherry flesh) and placed in large vats to be hermetically sealed.

The coffee is closely monitored from start to finish during this process, taking into account various factors such as temperature, PH levels, time, pressure and brix degrees (sugar content).

After this, the coffee is removed from the vats, processed as honey and prepared for exportation.


Costa Rican El Diamante

Region: Valle Occidental
Process: Anaerobic Honey
Variety: Catuai & Caturra
Altitude: 1350 masl
Tasting: Cinnamon, Spiced Black Cherry & Brown Sugar
Aroma: Molasses
Acidity/Body: Medium