Guatemala El Limonar Cup of Excellence // Bailies Select Microlot

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This is our 3rd year working with Rogelio and it's a year worth celebrating! Find sweet tasting notes of Mango, Grape & Cherry in this Limited Edition Cup of Excellence lot

Roasted on our 5kg Probatone small batch roaster. Only 10 bags per roast.

Cup of Excellence / Bailies Select

Rogelio Aguirre, farmer of both our El Limonar & El Comedor lots has surprised us yet again placing 17th in his first ever Cup of Excellence entry!

Last year we noticed Rogelio grew Maragogype (A variety typically known for its surprisingly large beans). However, the coffee plants were dispersed around the farm, processed and mixed with other varieties causing the rarity of the cherry to be lost, he took it upon himself to surprise us with a 'Maragogype only' lot, picking the cherries and processing them as washed to provide a distinct flavour profile.

This year, he has taken it a step further, picking the same lot and processing it naturally, entered this years Guatemalan CoE competition and in doing so placed 17th for his first entry!

Cup of Excellence is a quality competition with 300 entries yields an average of 9,000 analyzed cups, with each “Top 10” coffee being cupped at least 120 times.

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On a blind cupping table his coffee came out on top and we knew we had to enter the auction. We managed to secure Rogelio’s coffee (to his surprise) finding out we were the buyers after the auction had ended! It's a partnership we've been fostering for quite some time now and we are incredibly proud to be able to share this lot with you.



The picked cherries were brought to the wet mill at the bottom of the valley where they are spread out on drying concrete patios in thin layers.

After 1 day the layer is piled higher to allow for slow continuous drying with the coffee being covered at night. After 3 weeks of drying, the coffee reaches optimum moisture levels. It is then stored on the farm and shipped to the dry mill in Palin to be prepared for exportation.

Guatemala El Limonar Cup of Excellence

Region: La Libertad
Process: Natural
Variety: Maragogype
Altitude: 1350-1850 masl
Tasting: Mango, Grape & Cherry
Aroma: Stone Fruit
Acidity/Body: Medium-High/Full