Honduras La Torre Microlot

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We’re thrilled to finally be able to introduce La Torre as our latest Microlot addition. Some of you might recognise it from being one of our coffees we teased at London coffee festival back in 2021 and now it’s finally here for you to try at home!

Finca La Esmerelda is run by the Familia Carillo Vasquez - who have been Coffee producers in the Chinacla region for three generations. Since then, the farm has seen many changes, predominantly in their growing and processing methods. Keen to protect the natural environment, the family took the time to fully investigate how to protect the natural environment and surroundings of their farm which includes a pine tree forest by learning how to grow coffee alongside the other vegetation.


  • Region: Chinacla
  • Variety: Typica
  • Process: Honey
  • Altitude: 1700masl
  • Tasting: Plum, Hazelnut & Muscovado Sugar
  • Aroma: Dried Raspberry
  • Acidity/Body: Medium / Medium - Full