SCA Introduction To Coffee - Online Course

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Aimed at those who are new to the coffee industry or just have a genuine interest in learning more about the product they drink daily

Course Information:

Duration: 4hrs
Start Time: 11.30 am (IST)
Course only £90.00
SCA acceditation & exam - £125.00


Course Description

Introduction to coffee is an ideal online course for anyone who is passionate about learning more about coffee and a great place to start for anyone considering a career in the industry. This introductory course takes you on the journey of coffee from seed to cup.  

You will learn more about the coffee value chain from how the cherries are grown, processed, right through to roasting and brewing. This course comes complete with its own ‘at home’ tasting kit to provide learners with a hands-on tasting experience regarding the variety and complexity that coffees from different species and origins can provide. 

This course will be entirely online to help provide a safe learning environment for all participants. No home brewing equipment essential.  This is an SCA certificated course. 

Due to estimated delivery times for our tasting kit, this course will close two weeks before the course date. 

*additional cost may occur for postage to US/AUS - For more information please contact


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