Bailies x Fiona McDonnell Tote Bag

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Bailies x Fiona McDonnell Tote Bag

The inspiration behind this collection of merch and the illustrations that it inspired speaks to what we at Bailies hold closest as a specialty coffee company, and as a brand- our producers, our roasting and quality, and our customers. 

'From seed to cup' has always been the story that we have set out to tell with our coffee, to provide a link between the farmers who skilfully grow and harvest the coffee crops we purchase, to the precision of our roastery team in preserving the best of the coffee to represent the true quality of the bean when you are brewing it up in store or at home. 

This latest collection of merch is in limited quantities, so make sure to get yours whilst you can! 

Tote Bag

The classic, yet humble tote bag, now available in three colourways with the latest Bailies illustrations created by Belfast based illustrator, Fiona McDonnell. 


Cotton 100%


  • Black
  • Canvas
  • Purple