Brazil Sitio Cajuru 250g Roast Date 10/06/19 - Bailies Coffee Roasters
Brazil Sitio Cajuru 250g Roast Date 10/06/19 - Bailies Coffee Roasters

Brazil Sitio Cajuru 250g Pre-Order for Roast Date 17/06/19

Roasted for filter: Best enjoyed as a pour over, without milk, to allow the subtleties of the light roast to emerge.

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Our first microlot of the year from our farming partners at Coopfam. As always, of impressive quality - the lots just keep getting better year on year! Taste sweet notes of Sable Grape, Banoffee & Clove

Sitio Cajuru is located in the Poco Fundo region, owned by Alexandre & Juliana Ferreira, tobacco growers turned coffee farmers!

Through Coopfams assistance, the couple have been able to really focus on the quality of coffee, encouraging quality over quantity through higher dividends.

Coopfam have invested in its members passing on information to help them better understand growing practices. Paying a higher price for quality coffee, allowing farmers like Alexandre & Juliana to invest in new equipment.

"Next year we want to install a static dryer to make more microlots and improve the quality of our coffees even further"

This fresh crop Brazil recently placed top 10 in the local Poco Fundo coffee quality competition out of 100's of competitors, but the results could have been very different.

Alexandre decided to make a last-minute call the day before to dry the coffee on patios, intuition definitely worked in their favour! Producing a very sweet and balanced end cup.


The cherries have been collected from the farm and brought directly to the patio. They’ve been carefully spread out in a single cherry layer to speed up the initial drying and avoid fermentation.

After 3 days the layer doubles and the beans are turned 10 times a day. In the end the beans are transported to a mechanical dryer where they’ve been very slowly dried to an 11% moisture content at 37°C.

  • Region: Poco Fundo
  • Variety: Mundo Novo
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1160 masl