Guatemala Ayarza Natural Microlot
Guatemala Ayarza Natural Microlot

Guatemala Ayarza Natural Microlot

Roasted for filter: Best enjoyed as a pour over, without milk, to allow the subtleties of the light roast to emerge.

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The region of Ayarza is characterised by its rugged, mountainous landscape and the volcanic crater lakes of cold blue water from the Laguna de Ayarza and Laguna Azul, which have inspired many myths and legends.

Aside from the myths and legends surrounding this part of Guatemala, the Ayarza region is also known as a very reputable region for growing coffee, and in recent years this has developed in to Ayarza being able to produce exceptional specialty coffee.

Olam Specialty Coffee focused their sourcing in the region over two years ago by renting a wet mill on an RFA certified farm. They began running the cherry mill in collaboration with many small holder farmers, such as Arnaldo López- who, like many other producers in the region has been involved in coffee production business his entire life. With a lifetime's worth of knowledge and skill, Arnaldo is able to provide consistently high-quality ripe cherries for processing.

Olam transport the cherries to the neighbouring region of Amatitilan- a region once celebrated for coffee production, but climate change has now made the regions conditions more suitable for processing, and in particular for processing natural coffees.

The coffee cherries are meticulously dried over several days being hand turned whilst in the sun. The processing is finally finished with the cherries being dried in a mechanical dryer which is noted to help improve acidity.


  • Region: Ayarza, Santa Rosa
  • Variety: Catuai, Pache & Bourbon
  • Process: Natural
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Body: Full
  • Altitude: 1400 - 2000masl
  • Aroma: Snickers Bar
  • Tasting: Guava, Honey & Roasted Hazelnut