Honduras Johelyta 250g Roast Date 21/01/19

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We've brought Finca Johelyta back into the roastery again this year and it's tasting just as incredible. A sweet end cup with notes of Braeburn Apple, Creamy Toffee & Hazelnut

Founded by Mirna Vasques as a way to provide for her family; she decided to name the farm after her first daughter Johely.

Located near the Honduran border with El Salvador, the farm rests in a highly favourable tropical micro-climate.

Over the years Mirna has developed her quality leading to better business, this was proudly used to fund a scholarship for her children at a local bilingual school.


The cherries have been hand-picked and carefully brought to the wet mill. They were quickly rinsed and then the cherry skin removed. The beans in parchment with sticky mucilage still attached are then spread out in a thin layer onto concrete patios and dried over the course of 10 days.

  • Region: Opatoro, La Paz
  • Variety: Catuai
  • Process: Honey
  • Altitude: 1700masl