Brazil Bocaina 250g Roast Date 16/07/18

Brazil Bocaina 250g Roast Date 16/07/18

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An outstanding microlot from one of Brazil’s most specialty focused cooperatives, Coopfam. A quality improvement project that has led to significant advances in coffee quality across the cooperatives members, this lot, in particular, has a distinguished flavour profile

This is our 3rd year purchasing from the cooperative and we are continually impressed by the quality.

This particular lot has come from a quality improvement project funded by Coopfam to train members on specialty coffee post-processing techniques. They have implemented the findings of Brazil’s famous coffee quality scientist – Dr. Flávio Borém and the new processing techniques now in use have revealed very distinctive flavours.

Farmer Klenilton has been working with coffee from a young age with both his father and brother. He is implementing advanced static drying techniques, which has led to a 2nd place award in Coopfam's quality competition.


After hand-picking the cherries, they are cleaned. Once clean, the cherries are placed into static dryers.

For the first couple of hours the dryers use airflow and ambient temperature air to start the natural fermentation process. After this, the temperature of the dryer is slowly increased to achieve slow and uniform drying.

  • Region: Poco Fundo
  • Variety: Mundo Novo
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1255 masl