Burundi Nemba Microlot 250g Roast Date 20/01/20
Burundi Nemba Microlot 250g Roast Date 20/01/20

Burundi Nemba Microlot 250g Roast Date 20/01/20

Roasted for filter: Best enjoyed as a pour over, without milk, to allow the subtleties of the light roast to emerge.

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We've just received a natural Burundi in through the Roastery doors and we couldn't be more excited! With natural processing not being the norm in Burundi we've got a distinct coffee that's sure to hit the spot for any filter enthusiast. Limited edition over the Christmas period this festive microlot is tasting of Dried Pineapple, Rooibos Tea & Dark Chocolate.

Nemba washing station is located in Kayanza province, Burundi. Renowned for remarkably fertile soils, this land was declared ‘superior’ due to the ‘luxuries’ it could produce.

Nemba processes more than 400 tons of coffee during harvest. Cherries, collected by over 2,600 individual farmers from 15 neighbouring communes in Kayanza, are brought to Nemba to be cleaned and sorted. Natural processing isn’t typical in Burundi, making this particular coffee very exciting indeed. 

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The farmer will collect each cherry from their small farm and bring them to the Nemba washing station where they will be sorted and cleaned.

The cherries were brought to raised beds where they were spread out in thin layers and slowly dried over a period of 3 weeks.

  • Region: Kayanza
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1800 masl
  • Tasting: Dried Pineapple, Rooibos Tea & Dark Chocolate