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Conti X-One Machine

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The Conti X-One Tall Cup Espresso Machine offers a range of exciting new features and exceptional value for money. Features include:

- Eco mode, automatic cleaning, PID system, alarm when filter cartridge needs changing, alarm for regular maintenance call out, a 13 litre boiler and mixed hot water for tea with adjustable volume programming.

- The machine also has adjustable flow control to regulate the flow of water circulating through the group head. You can then control the temperature of the first coffees and avoid the problem of first coffees either too hot or too cold, eliminating the need to group flush for this reason.

- 1 stopping tap per group also allows the barista to isolate each group, and continue with service in event of breakdown until engineer arrives on site, minimising disruption.

- Wider working space with a larger drip tray.

- “Quick flush” option on the steam lever to purge the steam arms and easily get rid of the milk that could be left and therefore provide longer life time of the steam arms.

Available in colours Black and White.

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