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This year, we have purchased 6 different lots from Volcan Azul which demonstrate their inherited passion for growing & processing interesting, diverse & complex coffees. This hyrbid varietal is a cross between rust-resistent T5296 & Ethiopian Sudan Rume. It was part of the 1st wave of hybrid varieties created by a consortium from both France & a regional network of coffee institutes in Central America.
Varieties such as these are still relatively new & only a handful have
become available to farmers in the last 15 years.

Volcan Azul is located in Central Valley on slopes of Poás Volcano, after which the farm takes its name (Blue Volcano).

Alejo belongs to the 5th generation of farmers taking care of Volcan Azul. Because of the knowledge that has been passed down throughout the generations- they have a lot of experience and tradition in producing high quality specialty coffee. 

The farm has currently planted 40 different varieties of Arabica coffee trees, which gives the farm unique flexibility and diversity in terms of the flavour profiles it can offer. Each variety is separated and processed individually, either as washed, red/yellow honey or natural.

The skill of matching the right varieties with different microclimates on the farm and later with the right processing method is key to Volcan Azul’s success.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that their coffees have won numerous awards and competitions. With this lot, you'll find that it produces a very balanced cup with great body and high sweetness.

We can't wait for you to try it! 


  • Region: Grecia, Central Valley
  • Variety: H10
  • Process: Red Honey
  • Altitude: 1500 - 1750 masl
  • Tasting: Toffee, Plum & Jaffa Cake
  • Aroma: Apple Pie
  • Acidity/Body: Medium/Full

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