Ethiopia Sidamo #2 250g Pre-Order for roast date 24/07/17

Ethiopia Sidamo #2 250g Pre-Order for roast date 24/07/17

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This natural Ethiopian excels with its delightful flavour of Dried Mango and Chocolate, Sweet Blueberry Yoghurt aroma and a creamy body to complement. 

This coffee comes from Sidamo, one of the most famous coffee growing regions in Ethiopia. It’s a blend of a few different private washing stations that buy cherries from thousands of different smallholder farmers across the region.
It comes from private drying stations and goes through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, where further traceability is unfortunately lost, due to Ethiopia's legislation. We select this lot based solely on its amazing flavour.



Most of the smallholder farmers grow a couple of trees on their garden. When the cherries are ripe, they bring them to their nearest washing station where they are washed and slowly dried on raised beds. After drying, the beans were transported to Awasa to be auctioned on ECX. They were then milled and prepared for exportation.

  • Region: Sidamo
  • Variety: Heirloom Typica
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1900 - 2150masl