Fairtrade 100% Arabica Espresso 6x1kg

Fairtrade 100% Arabica Espresso 6x1kg

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Elegant, refined and fruity.

  • 50% Brazil Coopfam FT
  • 35% Colombian Comepcafe FT
  • 15% Ethiopia Jimate FT

In the cup:

Exquisitely balanced taste profile, with a smooth round body and a clean cup. It's sweet, clean and packed full of flavour. Roasted hazelnuts from the Coopfam, tangerine and marzipan from the Comepcafe, strawberries and jasmine from the Jimate combining to create a complex sweet and juicy blend unlike any other. It works well in milk, producing sweet and balanced cappuccinos, and has a lower bitterness and pleasant medium acidity as one would expect from a 100% Arabica blend.

Story behind this blend:

100% Arabica blend that's also Fair Trade certified - that sounds simple. But in fact it's one of the most challenging blends for us to produce. It only takes one farmer to produce great coffee, but it takes a really devoted co-operative to support and motivate all the small farms to do a consistently great job. Some other producers rely on FT certification to guarantee them a premium price is paid for the product, but our farmers are striving to produce the highest quality coffees using sustainable methods regardless of the certification because they believe that the people drinking their coffee will appreciate the difference. We get really excited by these co-ops because of the work they put in, and the resulting coffees they produce. We believe that this blend showcases all their hard work.