Guatemala Alto Refugio 250g Roast Date 23/04/18

Guatemala Alto Refugio 250g Roast Date 23/04/18

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Alto Refugio is the sister farm of our partners La Providencia de Atitlan. It is ideally located near 3 volcanoes – Atitlan, Toliman & San Pedro. Unique tasting notes of Keylime Pie & Cardamom are found in this experimental lot.

The extremely high altitude and mineral-rich soil from the nearby volcanoes provides optimum conditions for growing outstanding coffee.

Farmer Juan Francisco’s main business is actually growing Macadamias, but coffee is his passion. He has taken an experimental and quality driven approach, through innovative planting patterns, planting varieties that are not typical in Guatemala to experimenting with fermentation and processing.

This is one of two lots we have purchased this year and it doesn't disappoint, experimentation evidenced by the unique flavours found in the end cup.


The cherries are picked at the pinnacle of their sweetness, after picking the cherries are pulped. The pulped coffee with the sticky mucilage is then placed in a fermentation tank and submerged in fresh water. After 18 hours of fermentation, the coffee is then washed in concrete channels and brought to shaded raised beds to slowly dry over the course of 10 days.

  • Region: San Antonio Palopó
  • Variety: Yellow Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 2000 - 2200 masl
  • Tasting: Key Lime Pie & Cardamom