Guatemala El Granadillo Single Origin
Guatemala El Granadillo Single Origin

Guatemala El Granadillo Single Origin

Roasted for espresso: Roasted to our espresso profile and best suited to espresso or traditional filter brewing, working well with or without milk.

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Introducing Guatemala El Granadillo, with notes of Milk Chocolate, Apple & Macadamia.

El Granadillo is situated in the NW of Guatemala, in the small town of San Pedro Necta in the highlands of Hueheutenango- a region famous for its specialty coffee production. The farm’s location and size allows for the coffee here to thrive with suitable weather conditions and careful processing and agricultural practises being implemented. 

Farmer Mario Morales Cifuentes invested in his coffee farm as his retirement. After spending six years learning how to produce the best coffee in one of the best regions in the World, he is confident in his crops this year and doesn’t plan on slowing down into an actual retired lifestyle anytime soon “I feel realised with my farm and don’t have time to think about retirement because in this business, you never stop learning.”


Region: Huehuetenango
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra & Bourbon
Altitude: 1700 - 1800masl
Tasting: Milk Chocolate, Apple & Macadamia