Honduras La Concepción Honey 1kg

Honduras La Concepción Honey 1kg

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Full bodied honey processed coffee from Honduras - in the cup taste stone fruit, sweet molasses and hazelnuts.

La Concepción farm is located close to Márcala, which is at the centre of one of the most famous coffee growing regions in Honduras. Its owner, Manuel Pereira, always dreamt of having a farm but he couldn’t afford it. So once Manuel finished school in Honduras he moved to the US to work. After 6 years he came back to Márcala and with the money he saved bought the land and started La Concepción. His vision is to produce excellent coffee through hard work and an innovative approach to processing. He made this lot with honey processed Catuai and Bourbon varieties.  

The cherries get picked and delivered to the on-farm washing station. After sorting and separation of floaters the beans are pulped and transported with all the mucilage still attached onto drying patios. Here they are turned every few hours over the next 12 days as they reach required moisture levels.

  • Dry mill: CFdE, San Pedro Sula
  • Process: Honey
  • Altitude: 1450-1550masl
  • Harvest: December-April
  • Variety: Catuai, Lempira
  • Sourcing: Direct