Honduras La Florencia 250g Roast Date 23/04/18

Honduras La Florencia 250g Roast Date 23/04/18

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Due to last years success, we have decided to purchase this year's fresh crop from La Florencia, find a sweet maple syrup aroma accompanied by Nectarine, Pear and Lavender taste notes.

La Florencia, sister farm of Santo Tomás and San Jacinto were founded by Antonio Martínez, an experienced farmer, who grew both Bourbon and Typica varieties. However, Antonio kept all farming knowledge to himself. After he passed away there was no known process and his daughter, Isaura, had to learn everything for herself. For years, we have been working with Isaura and developed an ongoing relationship that has seen improvements in both farming process and the coffee itself.


This microlot comes from Inga forest at the top of La Florencia farm. After hand-picking the ripest cherries they’re brought to the on-farm washing station. Post-pulping they are fermented for 13 hours and washed in channels. The coffee beans are then separated by density and slowly dried on concrete patios over 8-12 days.

  • Region: Opatoro, La Paz
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1500 - 1600masl