Islands 65% Dark Chocolate ‘Disco Dancer’ Buttons

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Introducing Islands Chocolate.

Islands are passionate farmers and cocoa nerds. Planting and growing only the best, fine flavoured varieties of cocoa which emanated from the upper reaches of the Amazon rainforest centuries ago. 

Their chocolate samples were recently voted in the top twenty of the world at the Cocoa of Excellence Awards.

65% Dark Premium Chocolate Buttons for snacking, drinking, baking and sharing.

A fruity explosion packed full of flavour. This is the Islands Teams’ favourite in the office - so tasty and moreish. It depends on your pallet but there are subtle citrus notes with banana undertones. Enjoy!


Hot Chocolate Recipe: 

To make some delicious Hot Chocolate at home follow this simple recipe for the perfect, wholesome treat. 

First, add 30g of Islands chocolate buttons to a cup, then add a small amount of hot water and stir to melt the chocolate and make a paste. To your paster, pour in warm frothed milk and give a quick stir. When cooled slightly, serve up and enjoy!