Kees Mirage Triplette
Kees Mirage Triplette
Kees Mirage Triplette

Kees Mirage Triplette

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The Mirage was born from the desire to create a machine that combines all the knowledge about the E61 system to realise a highly precise machine.

The update of the well-proven “E61” type thermo-syphon system with a high temperature stability and beautiful pre-infusion.


Approximate dimensions and footprints of the Mirages are shown in the illustrations. The black circles are the rubber feet.

The optimal countertop feedthrough of 60mm (2.4") is within the grey square.

Note that the steam wands will protrude a few centimeters on the left and right side.


The countertop should provide a solid base to carry the full weight of the machine: roughly 75kg for the Duette and 95kg for the Triplette.


Water supply from a water treatment system should be within 1.5m (5ft) of the machine. The water supply hose that comes with the machine has a half ball at the end of the 3/8" nut connector. Discharge should not be further away than 1.5m, have an internal diameter of at least 32mm (1" 3/8) and should be fitted with a trap. There must be space nearby to locate the water pump with its electrical motor.