La Marzocco FB80 2 Group

La Marzocco FB80 2 Group

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Featuring PID temperature controls, solid-state relays, pre-heating system and adjustable steam flow. The FB/80 takes temperature stability to a new level, electronically monitoring all machine functions. Saturated brewing groups and dual-boiler technology inside.
Ideal for locations where top quality in the cup & design are equally important.

Product Specifications:
Dual-boiler technology and saturated brewing groups
Stainless steel boilers & brewing groups
PID temperature control (proportional integral derivative)
Brew water pre-heating system Multifunction keypads and digital display
Customized steam valve with adjustable steam flow
Omni-directional stainless steel steam wands
Hot water economizer Available automatic (AV), semi-automatic (EE) and mechanical paddle (MP)
Standard colours: metallic red, metallic blue antigua High wattage heating elements

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Please note, illustration is of 3 group machine and not 2 group.