La Marzocco FB80 Commercial Espresso Machine

Artisan quality meets perfection and precision.

Available from £7,000 or yours from only £7.30 per day with financing options*

The fb80 is the ideal commercial espresso machine for establishments where quality in the cup and design are important.

A dynamic preheater assembly ensures that water entering the coffee boiler is precisely 170 degrees F, helping to maintain consistency by reducing temperature swings in the coffee boiler.

An algorithm-based PID temperature controller further reduces temperature fluctuation in the coffee boiler. The group cap and an integrated ruby flow restrictor enables the barista to saturate the coffee with low pressure (line pressure) water before applying the full 9 bars of pressure. While more complex, this dynamic system allows the barista to control the variable of pre-infusion and reduce channeling for a more balanced extraction.

Limited time offer: Free customised painting available on all FB80 machines purchased

*While stocks last. Subject to credit status.

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