SCA Brewing & Grinding Intermediate

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This course is aimed at those who wish to improve the quality of their brewed coffee through a deeper understanding of various brewing techniques and guidelines.

Course Information


Days 1 & 2 - 9.30am-4pm - In person teaching & hands on brewing             
Day 3 -  10.00am-2pm - Practical Assessment


Course Description

This 3-day course is designed to introduce the concept of scientifically measuring coffee extraction and to explore the elements of coffee brewing.

 The content covered will include:

  • The History of Brewed Coffee - how we have reached today's brewing standards and protocols

  • The Brewing Process - what happens from the moment the water contacts the coffee grinds to the finished brew

  • Brewing & Charting Coffee - following brewing guidelines & ratios; measuring and charting extraction and strength and what this means for cup quality

  • Water Quality - how the mineral content of your water will impact the quality of your brew

Assessment: Written & Practical Exam / 70% pass mark required for certification          

Successful trainees will earn 10 points towards SCA Coffee Diploma

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