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Coffee Beans

At Bailies we like to think of our coffee beans as having character....Their character has been developed at every stage of their journey from the time they spent growing up on the farm, right through to being caringly transported, and lovingly roasted and packed in our roastery, before finally being ground and prepared as a delicious cup of coffee by our customers.We believe that when someone drinks coffee they should taste evertything that is unique and exciting about the farm on which the beans originated, and how they were grown and processed, rather than tasting any dark ‘roasty’ or ‘oily’ flavours that can result from bad roasting practices.That’s why we take time and care to search out the best farms in the world and why we don’t try to change the character of our beans when we roast them. We love these little guys, and we want their character to shine through in the cup.

We roast each bean to its own specific roast profile, which ensures you only see their best side. We also stamp each specially valve-sealed bag with a roasted-on date, because handroasted coffee really is 'Better Fresher'.