The move is going well

We have been here a few short weeks but already the place is starting to take shape, one of the first visual indicators being the signs - this being the first Bailies Coffee sign to go up, and the removal of the old buildings branding (which led to some confused drop-ins whilst it was there).

A massive step forward in the move was also completed this weekend, which saw our roaster equipment ( which is some heavy duty machinery ) make the move across Belfast to BT9.

We've been busy taking pics of the whole process, which began with the construction of a new internal wall in the factory which will form part of the roastery area. With a few sparse pieces of industrial looking badassery on the backdrop of sheer white walls it seemed like a coffee roasters museum exhibit, if only for a day. See what you think below.


The next phase was obviously to start piecing it all back together, over several long days and nights the new setup began to appear in front of us.

The first roasts from the machines in the new location were completed only yesterday, tasting as amazing as ever!

We would also like to thank all the well wishers who have been in touch recently filling us with good vibes about the move. Onward and upward

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