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Bailies Coffee Roasters is a close-knit team of dedicated people passionate about creating world class coffee experiences, providing great customer service, and having a lot of fun along the way. We are humbled and proud to be sourcing coffee from some of the world’s best coffee producers, and building ethical, sustainable long term relationships with coffee farming communities committed to quality coffee production. We take meticulous care, pride and attention to detail at every stage of the coffee journey from tasting, sourcing and roasting, to supporting our trade customers and end-consumers through coffee education, training and business guidance. We are ultimately driven by our sense of responsibility to the coffee farmers and our passion for ensuring pleasurable coffee experiences and satisfied customers.


A continuous focus on quality drives Bailies Coffee Roasters to source world class coffee beans from origin. They work hard to develop deep rooted relationships with the farmers who they consider partners. Paying a higher price for the improved quality means farmers can invest in better processes, nutrition and planting decisions. Bailies remain true to their mission to source the finest quality beans for customers and to create economic stability for farmers at the same time. Bailies Coffee Roasters source almost all of their coffee through direct trade.


Bailies Coffee Roasters constantly strive to develop and reveal the distinct flavours inherent in each coffee. Through refinement in their dedicated coffee lab to research and investment in the latest roasting technology from their partners at Probat they continuously create individual roast profiles that remain true to the farmer’s wishes and promote the finest aspects of each different coffee bean for every customer to enjoy.



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