Autumnal Drinks & Cocktail Recipes

Autumnal Drinks & Cocktail Recipes

The Trick - Cold Old Fashion

Old Fashioned Halloween Cocktails


35ml – Hennessy (or works well with dark rum also)
10ml – Spiced syrup *
70ml of Flash iced French press *
(Sarah used El Comedor, Mircolot, our latest release!)

*Spice syrup method:

Equal amounts of;
  • Black peppercorn
  • Cardamon pods
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • 2 Star anise and slice of dried orange,
Shimmer gently in 200ml of water for 10 mins and then allowing the mixture to immerse and cool for 24hrs.
Drain mixture.
Return to heat source and add 200gs of honey caster sugar, stir until dissolved and allow to cool.
This beautiful homemade syrup is amazing for hot chocolate and all milk beverages. 

*French press method:

  • Create the French press by creating a concentrate dilute.
  • Ratio of 1:11. with additional ice water accounted for in the ratio. (30.5gs, with 227mls of water).
  • Brew as normal, bloom, patting all grounds until wet.
  • Then add total water from 45secs.
  • Brew for 4:30 mins total.
  • Total volume of coffee after pouring from press 166ml, dilute with 120gs of ice.
  • Stir until ice has dissolved.
  • This will create a diluted coffee brew of around 1.40 TDS.
This will make enough for 4 drinks.
Serve in a rocks glass.


  • Chilled glass
  • Rub of orange peel around the rim of the glass.
  • Add Hennessy
  • Add Spiced syrup
  • Add coffee dilute
Served with golden berry husk and orange twist.

The Treat – Blondie


40gs - white chocolate (we used Fairtrade with 40% cocoa butter)
39ml - espresso (more developed roast recommended here, our Blends or Single Origins are perfect)
4 - crushed cardamon pods *
1/3 - teaspoon - Cinnamon sugar crunch, with more for construction *
Light dusting of nutmeg
*Cinnamon sugar crunch method:
Mix 20gs of white sugar with 5gs of cinnamon.


  • Smear a little honey on a third of the outside of your glass/cup.
  • Stretch a line of your cinnamon sugar on a clean surface and rub the glass/cup across the cinnamon mix.
  • Soften the white chocolate while adding the 1/3 of teaspoon of cinnamon crunch to the melting chocolate in to bottom of a warm cup or glass.
  • Pour favourite espresso over the mixture and stir until well combined.
  • Add your *crushed cardamon pods to you milk or milk alternative. Steam to your ideal temperature.
  • Add to your espresso mix.
  • Dust lightly with nut meg and a trim of cinnamon crunch.


    The one for the Fireworks - Hot Chai Cider

    cider cocktails


    25mls - Chai syrup *
    200ml of Cider or cloudy apply juice for a non-alcohol alternative.
    1 – orange wedge
    Star anise and apple slice, with cinnamon crunch glaze for garnish *

    *Chai syrup method:

    • 50g Chai tea mix
    • 200ml of water
    • Brew for 20mins
    • Add 80gs of honey caster sugar, adding little by little into the warm brew until dissolved.
    • This will thicken slightly when it cools.

    *Apple slice garnish:

    Create the cinnamon crunch glaze by slicing a gala apple and rubbing it with the cinnamon crunch mixture from the Blondie


    • Warm cider/apple juice gently in a heat source.
    • Stir in chai tea syrup to taste. We recommend 25mls first and adding more if required.
    • Serve in vessel you can hold with both hands, add wedge of orange.
    • Serve with apple slice and star anise for aromatics.
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