Beyond Bailies: The Bullitt Hotel.

Beyond Bailies: The Bullitt Hotel.

As cheesy as this is, at Bailies we love our Customers. Many of you have been with us since the start and others are new and constantly evolving. Emphasising our stance on seeing our coffee through from bean to cup, we want to look beyond Bailies and follow the work of our customers and the unique specialty atmospheres’ they have developed.

So, over the next couple of months, we would like to launch a series of posts which showcase one of our customers once a month. While some departments in our company may argue it’s just an excuse for us to gorge on breakfast and coffee, we maintain that it is a serious exercise in customer appreciation.

First up - The Bullitt Hotel. Another hidden world within Belfast, the Bullitt hotel is nestled on Church Lane behind a towering intricate wooden doorway through which you follow artful mural alleyway into the courtyard to see the sculpture of Jameson barrels, ready for any Instagram.

Once you enter, you’re greeted by a machine well known to any coffee-lover - the Kees Van Der Westen Spirit. Taking center stage on the design-led coffee bar situated at the core of the hotel, behind which we were lucky enough to find Monica, our Barista for the morning. Unluckily for Monica however, that meant she was the first victim of our highly original journalistic questions.

So how long have you been making coffee for?

I have been making coffee since I was 17, but mainly in local family shops and cafes closer to home, I’ve been with the Bullitt, Bailies and the Spirit for 9 months.

And no pressure but do you like the coffee?

Ahaha no I actually really do, I really enjoy what we use for our espresso. (Which for readers note is our Bailies Single Origin Ethiopian Hunkute – Tasting notes of Apricot, Jasmine & Peach)

Seeing as we’re out of the office this morning, what would recommend as your favourite Bullitt breakfast choice?

Ooh, I think definitely the Brioche Bun with bacon, smashed egg and Avocado.

We’re not going to lie, it looked pretty damn good.

What would you say has been the weirdest order you have ever had?

Well, I’m not sure if it’s the weirdest, but I did once get asked for a liquor coffee but with Sambuca and hot milk.

Can’t say we’ll be ordering one any time soon, but at least we know that if we develop a sudden craving, we’ll be well taken care of.

What do you think would be your favourite Microlots to order?

We usually get a bit of a random collection of microlots, but my favourite in the past has definitely been the Kenyan Kianderi and the Johelyta. (Neither of which we sell anymore but I mean, can’t fight live journalism right)

Once we had finished harassing poor Monica with questions and photos, it’s safe to say we had an incredible breakfast, signed off with a lovely Bailies Guatemala El Comedor filter.

The Bullitt has created an incredibly slick space, serving great food in a unique atmosphere. The staff are passionate about what they do, serving Bailies at its best.

We will definitely be back - company card in hand of course.

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