Easter Drinks with Islands Chocolate

Easter Drinks with Islands Chocolate

Easter is upon us, and we have something a little different for the break to tantalise the taste buds whilst still ensuring your chocolate fix!


We're not done with our favourite cosy drinks just yet, and at Bailies we've been experimenting with some exciting recipes to see you through the Easter holidays using the delicious cocoa from Islands.

Thanks to Sarah Hannaway, Bailies Trainer, Sensory pro and 2020 Irish Barista Champion, we have a exceedingly scrumptious recipe for you try to liven up your Easter Chocolate consumption;

55% Dark Islands Earl Grey Hot Chocolate with Orange Cap

What you'll need:

  • Milk (Full Fat Cow's preferred here)
  • Chocolate recommendation: Islands 55% Darkest Buttons
  • Earl Grey Syrup (Homemade Simple Syrup recipe below)
  • Double Cream
  • Clementine
  • Orange Syrup 
  • Optional- add a cheeky dash of Golden Rum- delicious.


  • 15ml of Earl Grey Simple Syrup

Which you can make at home!

Method for Earl Grey Syrup: 35gs of Earl Grey (Loose Leaf) to 250ml of water brewed for 10 minutes. If you are using tea bags, use three. 

For the Hot Chocolate...
  • 1:1 ratio of tea concentrate to sugar brought to the boil on the hob to shimmer for 10 minutes. - allow to cool slightly. Makes enough for around 15 hot chocolates. 

  • 50g of 55% Dark Island Chocolate Buttons
  • Method: Melt buttons with 20ml of boiling water to make a thick paste, add more water or buttons until you reach a gooey consistency. 
  • Warm 175ml of full fat milk and combine. (Use less if you want it nice and strong) 
  • Topped off with 50ml of Orange Creme.

How do I make Orange Creme you ask?
Method for Orange Creme: 
  • Pour 100ml of double cream into a jam jar (or any shaking device with a tight lid)
  • Add TSP of orange extract (Sarah used clementine as it is slightly softer and sweeter) and a squeeze of a half a small orange (Sarah used clementines again)
  • Shake lightly for 1 minute to combine to a gooey, creamy foam. Not too stiff. 
  • Pour over a hot spoon to layer. 
  • Top off with a wee twist of orange rind! 


And that's it! The perfect drink this Easter!

Remember you can save on the entire range of Islands chocolate this Easter. Why not experiment with your own chocolate drinks or bakes and tag us in your pics!

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