Hurricane Relief- Pacayal Solidarity Fund

Hurricane Relief- Pacayal Solidarity Fund

In November 2020, towards the end of what was already an incredibly difficult year across the Globe, several Caribbean Islands and Central American Countries, in particular Honduras, were hit by not one, but two devastating hurricanes; ‘Eta’ and ‘Iota’ both of which reached category 4 and 5 status.

The Atlantic storms first hit the country in early November with category 4 Hurricane ‘Eta’ which caused widespread flooding and destruction from heavy rains and winds. However, areas that were already badly affected alongside those that were spared the wrath of the first onslaught did not have much time to recover or prepare before they were hit once again with category 5 Hurricane ‘Iota’.

(All images courtesy of Pacayal Coffee)

Both hurricanes have left their devastating mark of destruction on the country- as one of the worst natural disasters in Honduran history- not to mention their occurrence at a time the country itself had already been crippled by the socio-economic impacts of a worldwide pandemic.

Preliminary reports on the ground in Honduras stated the following; 

  • 70% famers have lost their basic grains, vegetables and avocado kernels;
  • Producers have lost at least 10% of their coffee farms;
  • 10 producers and workers livelihoods have been totally or partially affected and are now in refuge;
  • The access roads are heavily damaged and unusable in some places.


(All images courtesy of Pacayal Coffee)

Producers and exporters Pacayal Coffee set up the ‘Pacayal Solidarity Programme’ coming together with other producers and members of the local community to support those most affected by the storms.

(All images courtesy of Pacayal Coffee)

Supplies were gathered; sheets for roofing, food and clothing for the families and individuals who lost everything in the wake of the disasters. This aid was also being collected and donated to those who were hit even harder in the Northern regions of Honduras- the economic belt of the country itself.

Pacaycal Coffee are doing whatever they can to help rebuild their community.
Who's priority is to help the families, single mothers and children who were orphaned by the tragedy. 

To help fund their mission, Pacayal have launched their 'Solidarity Coffee' and for every pound of coffee purchased, 2 cents of a dollar will be invested in their Solidarity Program in order to help as best as possible. Reports on how the money raised is spent and the developments made in the rebuilding and re-housing of communities are then sent to supporters of the fund for full transparency.

Also accepting donations into their solidarity fund, we at Bailies donated $1,500 to Pacayal as part of our support for their work in the aftermath of this disaster, alongside our continued support by way of purchasing coffees from Pacayal Coffee itself to include in our offering to you, our customers.

Whilst there is still work to be done, it will be a slow process to rebuild what was lost and for the families and individuals who lost their loved ones, homes and livelihoods that road will be longer and more difficult to rebuild. 

For our farming partners, we’re more than a coffee roaster. We’re a committed, integral part of what they do. And everything starts with them. It is through your continued support of Bailies Coffee Roasters- and throughout 2020 in particular- that has enabled us to donate to this crucial cause and allowed us to continue to purchase our coffees directly from partners such as Pacayal Coffee who are committed to not only the quality of their coffee, but most importantly, the wellbeing of their producers and wider community in Honduras.


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