Bailies Latte Art Skills Workshop

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Course Description

Suitable for: experienced barista/industry professional.

Start time: 10:30 

Finish time: 14:30

Designed for those who want to master the basics of hearts, tulips & rosettas, this full-day intensive latte art course will take participants’ pouring skills to the next level.

Over the course of the day, trainees will learn about the science behind milk and how exactly we create that silky microfoam which is vital for great latte art.

Course content includes:

  • Learning how to deconstruct brush stroke movements and how to break down complex designs using our latte art lexicon.
  • Discovering how not all milk pitchers are created equal and how this can affect your pour.
  • Understanding the flow and movement of our milky espresso and how we can use this to our favour when creating art.

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