2017 review: a year of coffee highlights

2017 review: a year of coffee highlights

So it’s that time of the year – a time to overindulge in mince pies, to say hello to long lost friends and family and to take stock of the year as a whole.

For us, that means looking back over the year in coffee, so we’ve asked the team for their coffee highlights from 2017.

Ross was blown away by the most extensive range and variety of coffees through the roastery than ever before, including some of the most expensive coffees from the best and most innovative producers in the world. On his choice of 2017;

“It might not make anyone else’s shortlist but Sítio Jacutinga was probably my most memorable coffee of the year. Like no other Brazil I have ever tasted, it was a fruity, naturally processed coffee with juicy strawberry and tropical notes of pineapple and guava with some nuttiness in there too, it was just incredible and definitely one that sticks in my mind.”

The ‘hot girl next door’ was how Celeste described the Honduras La Florencia, a washed microlot coffee tasting of nectarine, pear and lavender:

“It’s the hot girl next door because it often gets overlooked among all the other coffees”.

With a description like that, there’s little chance it will get overlooked now…

Stephen has had a pretty eventful year so it was interesting to hear what coffee stood out for him. Given the success it had brought him in 2017, Stephen plumped for the Colombia Finca Monte Verde Moka Natural.

“This was the coffee I used to win the Irish Brewers Cup and it was the coffee that also Caroline and Celeste used to come in the top 10 of Irish Baristas.”

Tasting of pineapple, strawberry, blueberries, muscovado sugar and with a light body and creamy mouthfeel, it’s not hard to see why it made the top of Stephen’s list.

There was definitely a theme coming through as Martha highlighted another natural coffee – this time the Honduras San Jacinto:

“I always enjoy a good natural coffee and this one stood out for me most…I think I drank it everyone morning for about 2 months!”

Great coffee minds think alike as Darren also highlighted the Honduras San Jacinto:

“It was my first hit-home experience of how a natural can taste, extremely sweet and boozy. I’m excited to see how the flavour profile might change for next years crop!”

Darren’s weapons of choice for the Honduras San Jacinto are both a ceramic V60-01 if making one cup, or a clever dripper if brewing for others (or just feeling lazy!).

When asked for his favourite coffee of the year, Russell pointed out the challenge that this presents:

“We’re spoilt for choice! The last 12 months have been the best for our coffees in the years we’ve been sourcing and roasting. We’ve seen some great coffees, not least because of the flavours, range and consistency but also we’re directly sourcing some coffees with real character and from farming partners who continue to raise their game, year on year.”

However, when pushed for some of his standout coffees, Russell selected the competition winning Fazenda Sertaozinho natural from Brazil. Brazil tends to get overlooked in his opinion so it was good to see our farming partners in Brazil getting the attention they deserved at our Fresh Roast Friday. It was when this was served to him by one of our barista trainers as a V60, that he really enjoyed it. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gr1 washed coffee also got a mention from Russell as he recalls a Saturday morning at home serving this through a clever dripper.

On that note, we’re looking forward to what 2018 brings; to uncovering more great coffees and making direct trade work for all those involved in bringing that coffee to you.

From us all at Bailies Coffee Roasters, we hope you’ve enjoyed our coffees this year and would like to wish you and all our direct trade partners a very Merry Christmas and a happy & productive New Year!

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