A Trio of Christmas Drinks

A Trio of Christmas Drinks

1. ‘O, Holy Chocolate Night!’

chocolate cocktail with marshmallows


250ml milk
150ml double cream
50gs of high-quality milk chocolate (chopped)
80gs of 60% dark chocolate (chopped)
2tsps of honey
Large white marshmallows
Pinch of cinnamon
Additional cocoa powder/grated chocolate/brown sugar


    1. In a medium sized saucepan, bring together all ingredients except for the dark chocolate.
    2. Stir constantly, bring to a shimmer.
    3. Turn off the heat and slowly combine the dark chocolate, continue stirring until fully combined.
    4. Whisk until smooth
    5. Add additional (low) heat, if dark chocolate needs some extra help
    6. Serve in a Martini glass
    7. Grate chocolate on top of liquor
    8. Toast marshmallows on a cocktail pick with a blow torch (optional)
    9. Sprinkle a small amount of brown sugar and cinnamon for crunch.

    2. ‘Cherry Cheeked Geisha’


    35ml Hennessy
    37ml of espresso – Honduran Geisha
    20ml Cherry Brandy
    2 dashes of chocolate bitters
    Trifle cherries to serve
    2.5mls of cherries trifle juice


      1. Combine with ice in cocktail shaker
      2. Serve in signature cocktail glass 
      3. Serve with three cherries of a cocktail pick.

      Espresso recipe:

      Honduran Geisha: Los Aguacates
      1. 20gs of Ground Coffee 
      2. 40ml of Water
      3. 32secs - shot time 
      Winey, stewed plums, apricot as it cools, juicy and coating.

      3. ‘A Holly, Jolly Christmas Drink’ (*vegan friendly)


      350ml Oat milk
      ¼ tsp of cinnamon
      1/8 tsp of ground ginger
      2 whole cloves
      Pinch of salt
      ½ cup of vegan cream or nut alternative
      50g of maple syrup
      ½ tsp of vanilla extract
      2 tsp of dark rum – optional.

        Filter brew recipe – El Comedor*


        1. Warm oat milk with spices, do not bring to boil.
        2. Turn off heat source and when oat milk has cooled, slowly add the cream.
        3. Allow to cool then add maple and rum.
        4. Add to coffee.
        5. Sprinkle of nutmeg and ground ginger

        *Coffee concentrate recipe:

        El Comedor

        Coffee recipe - Clever dripper
        Ratio: 1:13
        Water temp: 95 degrees
        Dose: 16gs
        Water: 216ml  


        45ml bloom for 45 secs, pat down gently to submerge grind
        Add the rest of the water for 2 minutes
        Stir once
        Open clever dripper
        Full draw down by 2:30/2:45

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