Bailies Coffee Roasters | New Wholesale Ordering Platform

Bailies Coffee Roasters | New Wholesale Ordering Platform

Over the past few months we have been working hard, behind the scenes, to bring Bailies Coffee Roasters customers a brand new wholesale ordering website. We've noted the trend in online ordering and due to the pandemic this project was accelerated. 

Many thanks to the small group of coffee shops that tested, inspected and ordered in the initial testing phase. This site will sit independently from the main consumer web shop and is ready for accepting wholesale coffee orders. As you can imagine we have an extensive equipment and coffee product list, it took a little time to refine.

We've now ironed out the quirks, well, most of them...if you spot any, do let us know! 

We are in a position to launch our brand new customer ordering website and it's really easy to get involved!

1. You must be an existing Bailies Coffee Roasters customer.

2. Register with us via email on 

Once registration is complete we will issue you with a unique log in and password. The new wholesale site requires a log in that is specific to you. There are, of course, rules around who gets the password for your business and it's important that you keep track of that.

Once you have logged in, our full catalogue will be available to you. Simply add items to the basket, check the details around delivery and click to place the order. (Well, there may be a couple of small steps in between but we're here to support).

We've also added a handy FAQ guide within the website should you have an problems, it's quick and easy to read.


The new ordering platform is safe and secure. Not only that, it marries to our main production ordering system meaning that your specific order history is stored.

Any new orders will be made, collected and dispatched, then added to the normal way that you pay, for example, your monthly invoice. Current terms of business will apply and if you have had an account with us for some time, nothing has changed, only the ability to order wherever and whenever you want.


We think that this is a great time saving website and one that we have developed to support our customer base. It allows you to choose when to place an order and opens up the possibility of buying coffee and ancillary products outside our normal working hours of 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday. 

To register, simply email, plus even with reduced staffing we're always happy to answer any queries by phone, so give us a call. If you're not a Bailies Coffee Roasters customer, and on hearing this great news, would like to be, simply contact us on the email above. 

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