Beyond Bailies: The MAC Belfast

Beyond Bailies: The MAC Belfast

Since opening in 2013, the MAC has become a cultural hub in the heart of Belfast’s increasingly trendy Cathedral Quarter. Home to a diverse range of workshops, music, art, dance and theatre, the award-winning venue has brought something extraordinary and special to our city.

But, in all honestly the MAC theatre has never instantly come to mind when someone has asked me where I would like to grab breakfast, but we were in for a pleasant surprise when we stumbled in on a traditionally rainy Belfast summer’s day.

Greeted by a beautifully designed open space, the interior cultivates a sense of creativity and drama, with dim lighting, intimate booths and imaginative wall design, it simply is just a cool place to be.

Now obviously we were not disappointed by our coffee, the Single Origin Guatemalan La Ruda, a washed bean with tasting notes of tangerine, walnut & chocolate. I myself was also relieved to see they offered an Oat Milk option.

Delighted to see that the menu was complete with simple but classic breakfast options with a little unique touch, be it avo on toast with a topping of goat’s cheese & mint or mushrooms with pesto and parmesan.

Our next unsuspecting victim of barista interrogation was the Caoimhghin who had been working at the MAC for nearly 7 months since they introduced Bailies as their anchor roaster.

First things first, how long have you been a Barista?

I've been a barista for about two years now, I think.

So, no pressure, but what do you think about Bailies?

Hahah I am actually am very happy with Bailies and their support. Our trainer Julia is mad but great craic, she really knows her stuff and I always know that our machine better be clean at all times in case she makes a surprise visit!

Did you do your training here at the MAC or did you come along to the Roastery?

I came to the Roastery, we all did. I loved it, I loved spending the whole day learning about coffee and latte art, it taught me a lot in comparison to previous employment. (A certain famous high-street chain that shall remain nameless…)

Have you ever thought any orders have been particularly odd or stood out to you?

After working in (nameless high street chain) there is literally no limit on weird.

What do you think your favourite thing is about being barista?

Um, I think I enjoy being able to really take your time making each drink and making it something special

I didn’t even need to put a marketing spin on that - 10/10 answer.

And with that we finished off our second round of coffees - it would be rude not to after all.

This arty hub may not strike you as your typical coffee spot but don’t discount it, the staff love what they do and are incredibly friendly.

With a great atmosphere, there is an option for everyone- (I also got a sneak peek of the lunch menu and know for a fact we'll be back).

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