Operational Update | Training Support

Operational Update | Training Support

At Bailies Coffee Roasters our training team has always strive to meet the specific barista training and development needs of our customers and their staff in order to help their business continually serve excellent coffee! This way we honour our core values as a company. 

We want to continue to deliver world class coffee education and support to our customers and due to the ongoing pandemic we have had to make some changes to the way we do training. 

Until further notice we will not be delivering training at the roastery. 

This is to control and help minimise the number of visitors who could potentially expose the premises and roastery/warehouse staff to Covid-19. We will be reviewing this on a regular basis and notify our customers of any changes. We hope to be able to welcome our trainees back to the roastery soon.

Training will take place on customers’ sites and will be subject to the following guidelines and procedures:

  • Sessions will be limited to a maximum of 3 people. This is to help reduce time needed on site, and to allow for safe delivery of training and lower the risk of spreading Covid-19.
  • The site must be closed for training to take place.
  • Those who will attend in person training sessions will be required to complete a digital pre-training course in their own time and will be tested on their knowledge in advance. This will allow the trainer to maximise time spent teaching the practical skills and to observe the practice of those skills by the trainees.
  • Sessions will be limited to 2 hours which, if you have attended our training pre-covid, is an ambitious time-frame to cover everything needed. Completion of the pre-training is essential for the efficiency, effectiveness and success of the in person training sessions.
  • Going forward our objective for in person training will be to prepare 1 or all of those in attendance for training the remaining staff. We strongly advise that customers keep this in mind when selecting people for training. 
  • Benefits of having 1 or more nominated ‘in-house barista trainer’:
    • Will reduce number of contacts and your training costs
    • Will motivate staff through empowerment and can help with staff retention
    • Research shows that training “sticks” better for those who are told that they are expected to teach others what they learn
  • The following training resources will be made available to our customers:
    • Copies of our barista training manual (hard & digital)
    • Access to pre-training materials
    • Critical steps checklists to monitor barista’s adherence to best practices and procedures
    • Cleaning instructions & checklists
    • Access to Bailies Coffee Roasters training videos
    • List of further recommended reading/watching
    • 1 hour post training consultation with the trainer to check progress and discuss any issues and help with troubleshooting
  • A full risk assessment must be completed before any training can take place.

Training Allowance & Additional Costs

Customers will be provided with one free training session per site every six months which includes all of the resources as listed above, travel costs and 1kg of coffee for the session.

If additional training sessions are required they will be charged at £50 exc. VAT per session, with the addition of travel costs which are dependent on customer’s location.

For those new customers joining us, we look forward to meeting you and your team. To everyone else, we can’t wait to see you again!

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Clean your coffee machine.


Julia, Caroline, Sarah, Matt & Alastair


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