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The arrival of new coffee beans is creating a lot of excitement in the Bailies roastery. The new coffee is from Colombia and more importantly – it’s a decaf. It comes from a group of farmers in Planadas, Tolima. It’s a small south Colombian region that is locked by West and Central Andes, almost inaccessible due to mountain ranges and unsafe areas in south Huila and partially still controlled by paramilitaries. What makes this coffee growing region unique is that it has some extraordinary conditions for growing coffee. It’s grown in an altitude of around 1600 masl. in a loam and clay soil rich in volcanic ashes. The coffee varietals being grown here are all traditional – Typica, Caturra, Castillo...

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Jan's visit to Comepcafe, Colombia

Over the last few days (mid-October, 2015) I've been travelling in Colombia. ‘I've met a lot of people, seen a lot of coffee farms’, but the thing I was looking forward to most was meeting our friends at ComepCafe. For those who haven't heard about them so far, that's a cooperative based in Piendamo, Cauca from which we bought our first container of coffee this year. Because we like the quality of the coffee so much, I was really excited to meet them in person and see what exactly is happening there. On Monday I flew from Bogota to Popayan where I met Luz Stella Reyes, the representative of ComepCafe. First of all we visited local dry mill in Popayan...

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Follow Jan's trip to origin: Colombia

Jan Komarek, Quality Control specialist at Bailies Coffee is currently visiting Colombia to see producers we work with and witness first hand the care and dedication that goes into our beans from the very beginning. We will be detailing his travels through images over the coming 10 days or so, and below are some of the first he has sent to us.

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