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Women's 100 - fueled on by Bailies Coffee

Every year Rapha (a cycling sportswear/lifestyle brand) host a special ride called the Women’s 100 where thousands of women across the globe cycle 100km. Yesterday saw 9,000 women take part in the cycle. Local Belfast bike shop, Fellow Bicycle Co., organised one of the rides and had 16 women leaving Belfast, cycling all the way around Strangford Lough and back. Bailies supplied them with some coffee for their lunch break in Portaferry. Stephen Houston and Jonathan Parks from the Bailies team met them all back at the finish at Fellow for a celebratory bbq and quite a few of them said to pass on their thanks for the warm brew on such a sopping day! We were really happy to...

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For the cycling Coffee enthusiast

With spring fully here (despite the rain), the dreams of leisurely bike rides under blossoming trees and lounging in grass covered parks is almost within reach (these really are just dreams here in Ireland). If you’d like to add a fresh cup of coffee to the equation, your options for safely transporting it can be limited. Just in time for better weather, the Swedish cycling accessory company Bookman, known for their portable and powerful bike lights, has just launched a new cup holder for your bike to make your coffee’s journey easier. The simple and utilitarian design attaches like a clamp and can be quickly and easily removed. The company claims that it will remain firmly in place, even over...

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