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Bangor Aurora Boost with Bailies Coffee

Drinking a cup of Bailies coffee at Bangor Aurora may pack more than just an energy boost. More and more research is emerging to suggest that there may be several health benefits associated with drinking the dark black beverage, from helping prevent diabetes to lowering the risk of liver disease. Bangor Aurora’s new coffee partner, Bailies are working in synergy with the leisure complex provider to guarantee customers the best cup of coffee as well as promoting healthy choices pre and post workout. New research finds drinking coffee may lower inflammation and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. The study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (June 2015), found that people who drank coffee were about 50 percent...

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Women's 100 - fueled on by Bailies Coffee

Every year Rapha (a cycling sportswear/lifestyle brand) host a special ride called the Women’s 100 where thousands of women across the globe cycle 100km. Yesterday saw 9,000 women take part in the cycle. Local Belfast bike shop, Fellow Bicycle Co., organised one of the rides and had 16 women leaving Belfast, cycling all the way around Strangford Lough and back. Bailies supplied them with some coffee for their lunch break in Portaferry. Stephen Houston and Jonathan Parks from the Bailies team met them all back at the finish at Fellow for a celebratory bbq and quite a few of them said to pass on their thanks for the warm brew on such a sopping day! We were really happy to...

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Coffee is officially good for you

Well some of you will say this is old news but a recent study has confirmed what some of us have been hailing for years; the health benefits of drinking coffee regularly. Not the milky sugary beverages that masquerade on certain high street chains as coffee, but quality, honest to goodness coffee. The latest US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee says there is strong evidence that drinking three to five cups a day (or up to 400mg/d caffeine) does no harm at all and that research consistently shows that coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Here at Bailies we knew it all along, but if you want to read more - you can browse a more...

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