Why Every Home Brewer Needs a Good Coffee Grinder

Why Every Home Brewer Needs a Good Coffee Grinder

What are the benefits of having a good coffee grinder at home?

If you consider yourself a true coffee home brewing enthusiast, then having the right grinder is essential. Investing in a quality grinder that provides consistency and accuracy can help enhance the flavor of your coffee and establish a great foundation for all your home brewing endeavors.
With so many options on the market today, it can be tricky choosing one that best meets your needs - but we're here to make sure you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision! In this blog post, we'll explore why every home brewer should have a good quality grinder in their toolkit.

Why a good coffee grinder vital for delicious brews

The quality of your coffee brew comes down to more than simply the beans you use. A good quality coffee grinder is key in getting the most out of your beans. It is important to look for grinders that are capable of producing uniform grounds with a consistency suitable for brewing your desired drink.
With a good grinder, you can ensure that all the components of your favourite roast work together for maximum flavor extraction, and ultimately a beautifully balanced cup of coffee.
  • Your coffee will be more flavourful and delicious.
  • You’ll get consistent grounds for better extraction rates.
  • You'll have more control over your coffee's flavour and strength. 
  • If you make a cup that doesn't taste quite right, you have the perfect tool to fix it.
  • You'll be able to adjust your grind to suit your brew method.
  • More opportunities to experiment & have fun. 

Why are whole beans key for a good brew?  

For many coffee enthusiasts, nothing beats brewing a cup of freshly ground coffee. This is because grinding your own beans will minimise the amount of oxidation. Oxidation is what causes the aromatic oils in your coffee to evaporate, thus reducing the flavours and tastes of your beverage as they oxidize more quickly due to the higher surface area that comes with ground coffee.
Read more on whole beans vs ground.

Why is the grind so important?

Grinding coffee beans is one of the most important steps to making a delicious cup of coffee. While there are many different types of coffee grinders available, two of the most popular are blade and burr grinders. Blade grinders feature an interior motor with blades that rotate to chop up the beans, producing grounds of varying sizes.
Burr grinders, on the other hand, use gearing between two serrated plates to crush beans into uniform-sized particles.
When it comes to speciality coffee, the wide variety of brew options and equipment is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects. With such a range of brewing methods available, having the right grind is essential to get your cup just right.You'll need a fine grind for espresso but will require a coarser option for  French press and coldbrews.
With a good grinder at home, you can make minor adjustments to optimise the extraction process from cup-to-cup (and avoid over or under-extracted coffee which can taste bitter or sour).

What is extraction rate? 

It's a technical term, but basically, it means the percentage of dissolved coffee grounds in the water. Which really means how much of the good stuff is going in your cup. A good grinder will give you a consistent, even grind and the perfect extraction every time.

Don't waste your money!

Investing in a good quality grinder can make all the difference to your morning brew. While they do require additional time and effort, that extra investment results in better-tasting coffee with finer degrees of control over the grind.
Whereas blade grinders fail to provide consistent results, high-quality grinders make it much easier to adjust the settings for optimum flavour. 

Why should you avoid blade coffee grinders?

  • They don't last long with daily use.
  • Poorly made with cheap parts.
  • Can't adjust your grind size.
  • They don't grind; they chop. 
  • Gives grounds of all shapes and sizes, creating inconsistent extraction rates.
  • The heat produced by the blades' friction could cause your beans to burn. 
Many people love the control that quality grinders provides as you can adjust the settings depending on how finely or coarsely you want your coffee ground and there are benefits for both hand and electric versions.
While hand grinding provides more flexibility for travelling baristas, those at home may find the convenience of an electric burr grinder appealing.
Ultimately it comes down to personal preference so think carefully before making your decision!

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